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About Us

About LaanTek Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

LaanTeK is a next generation HR Services & Consulting Company which caters to a wide spectrum of industry segments. Our aim is to provide fast, reliable, simple and cost-effective Talent solutions for our partners, through strategic advice services and solutions.

Talent Hunt is the crux of our business where we Engage, Enable & Evolve together to deliver value. With our deep domain expertise and wide industry connects, we identify right type of professionals for the job. We also aspire to provide Talent who has the potential to contribute significantly in improving the overall productivity of the organization. Our approach is guided by collective Wisdom, strong HR & Talent Acquisition expertise which spans over 40 years of cumulative industry experience in various domains.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

  • To Provide highest level of satisfaction to our clients
  • Act as the launching pad for people in building career
  • Act as a catalyst in enabling customer success

Our Mission

  • To offer holistic Human Capital Solutions in partnership with our clients to enable business growth.

Our Values

  • CLASS - Compassion, Learning, Aspiration, Speed, Success

We at LaanTek believe that human development has a strong connection with Laya, Atma, Astra & Niyati as the four corner stone's of human transformation process.


LAYA is the first step in human transformation which will enable us to develop the ability to concentrate, absorb and understand the essence learning, living and basic survival. This is essential to bring the human mind under control to channelize the efforts and energy in the right direction. Life potential can be improved by optimizing the Learning Potential that is already present in every human being. Laya is about Invoke, Influence & Inspire for a greater future.


ATMA is a place to stop and contemplate what the mind has over-powered, over influenced, and over-manipulated. The Atma is the door to your truth and therefore, it is not 'the place' nor is it 'the answer' to any dilemma, problem. The process of change must begin from within and hence it's very essential that we need to engage people to awaken the inner consciousness. The urge to acquire, succeed and build a great career has to begin from within. Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Atmavalokana is the first step forward in achieving self transformation. Atma is about Explore, Experience and Excel in life.


ASTRA is ancient form of self-protection for survival but today in a knowledge economy where Mind & body are at constant competition to win over the ever changing challenges. This era is about the right knowledge, skills & abilities. Personal development is the pursuit of developing, honing and mastering skills that help us become the best that we can, with all that we have. It is the reaching for, and realizing of our full potential as human beings. In order to meet the challenges of today's competitive world, one must build a solid foundation of self-knowledge and self-confidence. Astra is about Aspire, Acquire and Achieve success in life.


NIYATI (destiny) changes with our thoughts, actions; we shall become what we wish to become. When our thoughts correspond with our aspirations and the urge to achieve supremacy, life takes shape in the form of dreams. Dreams will not be realized unless we wake and take action to fulfil those dreams. Every human being is potentially divine and everybody has the extraordinary ability to make miracles. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be conquered. Your future is in your hands, only you can transform, shape and build your destiny. Niyati is about Discipline, Dedication & Determination to achieve the impossible and transforming life.

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