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Industry Specific AI & Machine Learning Workshops

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning made simple


According to Stanford Researcher, John McCarthy, “Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. Artificial Intelligence is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.” Simply put, AI’s goal is to make computers/computer programs smart enough to imitate the human mind behaviour.

Whether it’s an E-commerce Site With AI Bot or advanced image-classifying artificial intelligence to smartphones - AI & Machine learning rocks current data-driven world Even for Image recognition | Data (Insights) extraction from large files | Large Document Summarization | Human brain mimicking & Neural network projects | Speech recognition & Language translation technologies | Fraud Detection | Churn management | Lending models by Fintech companies the need for AI & Machine learning is everywhere.

Our core team consists of high-experienced AI & ML Practitioners, Researchers, and Senior consultants with deep multidisciplinary technology expertise on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Strong domain-specific business acumen, a Well-connected network of industry contacts and intimate knowledge of current-market Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI projects

Are you prepared to incorporate high-end artificial intelligence into your business?

We can help you with

  • Machine Learning Feasibility Studies
  • Machine Learning Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Machine Learning Project Requirements Gathering
  • Machine Learning Simulations
  • Machine Learning R&D
  • Machine Learning Solution Verification | Validation | Stress Testing
  • Machine Learning Capability Assessment (Reverse Engineering, Benchmarking, Refactoring)
  • Machine Learning Team Construction and Development (Team member Role Design, Optimization)
  • Machine Learning Architecture Review, Upgrade, Optimization
  • AI Implementation

We offer best-fit AI & Machine Learning competency development plans to cope-up the industry requirements which are as follows

Sensitized Learning Model (SL)

Our Sensitized learning model is all about providing quality training programs along with current industry updates; Machine learning & AI projects are discussed at a beginner's level ,conversion would be less and less fruitful from business point of view

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Deep Impact Learning Model ( DIL)

Where Learning meet next level ;Participants can able to understand the projects and they will be keen to know more,try to seek a path. Conversion rate would be decent for both ML & AI projects

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Hands- on projects Learning Model ( HOPL )

In this model, learning is optimum & the conversion rate are highest as this model is right mix of Training,Consulting & Expert Guidance.After completing 3 weeks of rigorous projects from various usecases, the participants can able to deliver & try to carve a career

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Hiring from our talent pool

This model is basically to hire our trained candidates for your projects as per the business objectives. This can be permanent hiring or temporary staffing from our learning ecosystem based on the need

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How it works

Depending on each respective model, the Engagement level & Time required (TR) would vary and so are Outcome, and Conversion Rates (CR).Each respective model is well-proven, guaranteed to produce results and can able to mitigate the risk factors.

We are committed to your success

Based on your need, We shall provide the best-fit,well-proven model to your business which are the sure-shot recipe to success.

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